JGP Personal goals| 2015

For some reason lately i have just been really desiring inspiration, I want to be inspired.. like all the time! I fill up my day with things that will inspire me to be a better person, a better wife and mother, inspire my eating habits and my photography of course : ) I want to feel something... I want to feel like i have accomplished something with this life, and at the end of it have said, "well done my faithful servant!" I want to start making goals, personal and professional, maybe that will inspire me to do more with my life! stretch me from this comfort i'm so use to and that feeling of i can do more with my time and life! along with feeling like this, i thought to myself if i am craving more, maybe other are too..so why can't i through my search (to figure it all out)  make it my goal to inspire others! so to help, i laid out some of my goals so that you might get inspired to start your own list! and don't think this list is set in stone, or stays the same! i am always adding more and more things i want to accomplish. i want my goals to be attainable and you might kinda laugh at some of them. I hope you enjoy ; ) 


so here are my 2015 goals: 

lets start with my personal: 

1. grow my hair out long (its already long but some butt length long would be awesome!) 

2. get some highlights just in time for summer! i have some but going to go crazier! (I'm nervous, and have some major trust issues) 

3. take the boys to the park at least once a week 

4. do a juice cleanse (5 days straight. ooo boy)

5. get into a workout routine (just got a gym membership.. finally)

6. Get fit and healthy

7. eat more green 

8. drink a lot of water 

9. try to cut out meat again

10. climb a mountain 

11. set up playdates for the boys 

12. remember friends + families birthdays and celebrate them 

13. read at least 5 books 

14. complete a pinned recipe or project at least once a month 

15 limit tv watching 

16. do a missions trip and do something with charity 

17. shop local produce and farmers markets 

18. go on more dates with my hubby : ) 

19. take a vacation! 

20. run a 5k race 

21. be inspiring 

now my JGP professional goals:

1. return weddings in 4 weeks or less

2. return sessions in 2 weeks or less

3. encourage more print + product orders (tangible art) 

4. no sessions on Sundays (day of rest) 

5. answer emails within 24hrs or less 

6. always look dressed up & pretty for meetings, sessions & especially weddings

7. stick to a routine workflow

8. start marketing with new designs

9. start networking with other photographers and professionals 

my workflow: 

*shoot wedding day 


*back up on hard drive

*cull entire wedding 

*open in Lightroom and edit 

*export JPEGS 

*back JPEG files 

*upload to pixieset 

*facebook favs 

*blog wedding or session

*share blog

*send gallery to client 

*email thank you card 

and if you are instagram, follow me at @mrsjennagallosez!