A few of my favorite things 

Lattes, Traveling, Italy & Greece completely stole my Heart, White Linen, Lilacs, Candle Light, Calligraphy, Olive Trees, Cobblestone Walkways, Silk Ribbon, Vines, Coffee Shops with my Husband, Autumn, Warm fire, Cozy Blankets, Hot Tea, Tulle skirts, My little ones Giggles, Joy & laughter, Weddings, Golden Hour, Love notes, and much more! 

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Hi, Im Jenna! I am a wife to a amazing husband and mother of two beautiful little boys and completely in love with all things weddings!   I can honestly say I love what I do and feel so honored to be able to share in my clients most memorable moments they will ever experience! 

Memories are so fragile and make up some of the sweetest moments of our lives. Your first kiss, walking down the aisle, the first dance, smiling so much that it hurts and of course, those happy tears! It only happens once and yet you can pick up a photograph and it can bring you right back to that feeling you felt in that moment in time! It is worth documenting, to treasure those feeling and memories for years to come! 

Being a complete romantic at heart, I seek to create beautiful imagery that is timeless & classic, infused with lots of romance, and filled with light. I am passionate about capturing life’s simple moments! I love to capture you in the moments you can see happening and the moments you didn’t even know happened. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating timeless images and allowing our clients to see how truly beautiful and unique their love story is!